How to Prepare Natural Beetroot Tint for Lip & Cheek – Homemade Tint

Which girl doesn’t want pink lips? We all want pink and bright lips and a charming cheek, but don’t want to wear lipstick as they have a lot of chemicals and are sometimes very expensive. You need not worry about the same as in this article I would explain to you How to Prepare Natural Beetroot Tint for Lip & Cheek at your home.

What is Beetroot Tint?

As the name itself suggests, beetroot tint is a tint (cream) prepared from beetroot. Beetroot is also known as Beta vulgaris is a root part of a beet plant. Beetroots contain essential nutrients, beetroots are a great source of fiber, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C, etc.

What is Beetroot Tint

Beetroot Tint is a perky stain for lip and cheek that is being made with beetroot naturally. The tint is made with natural beetroot and its texture helps you get bright lips and cheek. You are bound to shine like a star when you use this regularly instead of another chemical mixed makeup instrument.

Beetroot Tint vs Lipstick/Cosmetics

Beetroot TintOther Cosmetics
It is prepared organically and contains essential vitamins.They are prepared with the use of chemicals.
It can be prepared by you at home itself.They are prepared by companies in the factories/industries.
It is very much cost-effective and easy to prepare.They are sometimes very expensive to afford for daily use.
It is very much suitable for our health and best for daily use.They are harmful for daily use as it contains chemicals such as lead.

These are some of the major differences that can be discussed and are important for us to know about the same.

My Experience Using Beetroot Tint

Like all the females, I am also very much concerned about my looks, but I hate using products that contain chemicals as I feel that it would have negative effects on my face.

The cosmetics products and lipstick are good to use occasionally, but they may work negatively when used regularly.

I also wanted pink and bright lips but did not want to use lipstick regularly. I was looking for some alternative and read a lot of magazines and articles on google, and I found the best alternative that worked like a charm for me.

I read an article on google and watched a video on youtube about the use of beetroot tint and prepared and used it for the first time and the result was awesome for me.

Believe me, it is very easy to prepare it. You can prepare it once and use it for days like you use lip balm.

I would share the steps to prepare Beetroot tint for lips and cheeks at your home itself along with the ingredients and utensils that would be useful for the preparation.

Ingredients required to prepare Homemade Beetroot Tint

You don’t need the sun and the moon to prepare the beetroot tint. It is very easy and simple to prepare the same and the ingredients are also very easy to find.

You need not worry about the ingredients being unavailable.

Arrange for the following things to prepare the tint of beetroot for regular use.

Beetroot / Beetroot Powder

As it is a tint called beetroot tint, the most important ingredient is the vegetable beetroot itself. You would need a medium-sized beetroot to prepare the paste of it and then the tint. Alternately you can also get the ready made beetroot powder for use.

Beetroot helps to gain bright and pink color on our lips and cheek.

Coconut Oil

As it is beetroot powder that we would also require coconut oil to add some moisture to the tint so that our lip and cheek would stay smooth and won’t be rough.

You can also use honey instead of coconut oil as it also works the best for moisturization of the skin.

Shea Butter

As we would be preparing tint (cream) that can be used regularly, we would something to make the final product (beetroot tint for lips & cheeks) solid such that it can be stored in a container (lip balm’s container).

Shea Butter would do the work for us as it would help in moisturizing the skin and also keeping the final product solid such that we can use it regularly and carry the same with us.

Equipments Required for Preparation of Beetroot Tint

You would need the following equipment to prepare the tint of beetroot at your home for your lips and cheeks.

  1. Non-Sticky Pan
  2. Grinder (Food Processor)
  3. Food Strainer
  4. Small Container (old lip balm’s container)

How to Prepare Homemade Beetroot Tint for Lip & Cheek

Follow the steps mentioned below to prepare the final product that is the beetroot tint for bright pink lips.

Step 1: Prepation of Beetroot Paste (Residue) / Beetroot Powder

The first step in the preparation of beetroot tint is to prepare beetroot residue or powder. To start with first wash the beetroot thoroughly with water. Cut off (Peel off) the outer layer of the beetroot with a knife or a peeler. Also, cut the beetrot into pieces so that it would be easier to grind.

How to Prepare Homemade Beetroot Tint for Lip & Cheek

Grind the beetroot in the grinder (food processor) until you get the residue out of it. Residue in sense, the beetroot is grinded like that of a paste (watery).

The beetroot iself has some water in it, so avoid adding any water into it as it may lead to the losing of the colour of beetroot.

If you are interesting in preparing powder instead of the residue (paste). You must first dry the beetroot after peeling the cover and cutting it into pieces. You can then grind the dried beetroot to get powder as a result.

Step 2: Filter the Juice of the residue

The second step is to filter the juice from the residue so that you get the clear juice wihout any particles. You can do this with the help of a clear cloth or using the food strainer.

Place the residue that has been formed after grinding in the piece of cloth or the food strainer. Place a small container below the strainer and then squeeze it so that you get the juice of the beetroot.

Step 3: Mix the Juice with Coconut Oil / Honey

Place the non-sticky pan in the stove and pour the juice that had been squizzed, make sure the Pan is clean and no particles is mixed. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil or honey and then mix it well with the juice of the beetroot.

Warm it until the product is fully mixed. Do not heat it too much. You can skip heating, however this would help you get additional moisture to the tint.

You can also a add a little sugar to the product.

Step 4: Store the Tint in a Container

Well, after you have prepared the tint successfully, you can now store it well so that you can use it regualrly.

You can store the tint into a small container. I would suggest you to use the container of old lip balm. So that it becomes handy for you to carry i with you and then use it regualarly.

Place the container in the refriginator so that the tint becomes solid. You can now use the tint regularly like you use the lip balm.

Over to You

There may be different methods and ways to prepare the beetroot tint, I have explained the one that worked the best for me.

You can skip using the lipstick and keep using the tint regualrly for fine texture of lips.

If this article was helpful, spare some time to share this with your freinds.

I am Sweta Sandhu, the co-founder, and author of MensRDX. I am an enthusiastic and fashionable person who loves adapting to new trends, dressing, skincare, and fashion with a unique style of my own.

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